Conversations are a big part of our "why". These are posts written by people who describe adversities they have faced and how it impacted their relationship with Christ and/or church as they rode the waves of change. 
Your story matters to us!

Email your submission to lastmarriages@gmail.com
-If you are submitting a photo, it should be high resolution. Please send the original photograph if possible.
-You have the option to remain anonymous. However, if you want to be named as the author, please include a few sentences describing yourself and/or your social media handle.
-Accepted posts will be promoted across all of LM's social media platforms as well as sent directly to our email subscribers.
-If accepted, your submission will be reviewed by our editor. Minor changes will be made.
-At the end of each conversation you can expect our founder, Cayla to write how it challenged her to better disciple. 
-You should hear from us within a week of submitting your conversation.

If you have any questions about writing for LM, please contact us at: lastmarriages@gmail.com

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