Motherhood Hack: Learn to Date Yourself

Date yourself. 
Treat yo' self...whatever. 
You get where I'm going with this post! 

I recently had a few mamas who joined the: [LAST MARRIAGES] CONNECTED  Facebook group ask if I would would write a "surviving motherhood" post. To be honest...I'm only six years I don't feel qualified to write such a post! However, I can say that about 12 months ago I made a one change that has impacted my motherhood journey in only positive ways. 

The change? I learned to date myself.

I'm not proclaiming this was an easy change to make. It was a struggle to find time for just myself in the midst of my husband's schedule, my ex-husband's schedule, my schedule, volunteer work, three daughters and their schedules, friends, family, my day job, blog start-up, etc. It was even MORE of a struggle to mentally disconnect myself from ALL. THE. TASKS. swarming in my head. However, once I got into the habit of prioritizing myself, I began to crave and look forward to this time alone.

This has surprisingly helped my motherhood journey in many ways. I have noticed I have more patience during daily tasks [aka: stress] because I know I have this time to look forward to. I feel like my anxiety levels have decreased and that I appreciate what I accomplish instead of viewing it as a heavy load.

Sooo, what exactly does dating yourself look like? It looks like taking time to disconnect from those that need something from you. Personally, I love a bath with Netflix on my iPhone. But, if it would be to tempting for you to check social media notifications...that may not be for you! I also love to hop in the car (yes, three kids in an Accord over here!), grab Starbucks (or 7-11 wannabe concoctions, whatever's in the budget that week) and listen to a podcast. Maybe you are more of a "run two miles and forget the world" kind of person...whatever you're into girl...schedule it. Commit to it. DO IT!

Some Treat yo' self themes you can have at your door in 48 hours:

*Soak + Quiet*


*Let Mommy Color Something Other Than Elsa*


*Netflix, Joggers, + Wine*


*Get Relaxed Tea + Jodi P*


*Caramel Macchiato + Chill*


LM ACTION: Declaring time for your self can be one of the hardest tasks to approach in life. I think the reason I avoided it for so long was because it felt selfish. But, I learned quickly there is nothing selfish about it. Even God rested on the 7th day :) 

Creating space to recharge is essential. There may be times where you are able to make the time regularly, and other times where the time is spaced out more. 

Do you make time for yourself regularly? What are some of your motherhood hacks? 

-- Cayla

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