What Discipleship Means to Me

I'll never forget the day that an old friend called me to give her opinion regarding a post on Facebook I had made that she didn't agree with. "Iron sharpens iron", she said. I was extremely turned off, but I respected that she felt prompted to call me.

Then there was the time a different friend went on a missions trip. Over coffee she described the moment our pastor announced the invitation to join the trip. She said she instantly felt she was called to go. As I looked back on that same sermon, I wondered why I didn't feel the calling she did.

I spent many years wondering why I didn't feel called to feed orphans, travel the world, lead a Bible study, or to call a friend to "sharpen her iron", I felt that Jesus was so much a part of my day to day life that I usually didn't go out of my way to bring up my faith in conversation. 
 I had read the Bible many times, yet I still had questions that others didn't seem to have. I thought that somehow I had missed my calling....until this year.

Every January, I pray for God to give me a word to focus on. In 2018, He gave me three words: the twelve disciples. This seemed like a very unproductive (boring) topic. But, I listened and had various books shipped to my doorstep.

They were anything but boring. 

I learned about how much of their ministry took place right in their own homes. I read about the community they created. The way that they challenged each other. How they stumbled trying to get it right. How they grew together, fed one another, loved one another, and fiercely supported one another. This was when I realized that I really wasn't as far away from "my calling" as I thought I was.  

Through the twelve disciples, God was showing me that sometimes your "calling" is in the community you create. It is a home that always has an open door. It is the answered phone call to listen to a grieving friend. It's a freely given smile. It's a meal. It's in the interest given to a person who is different from you. It is acceptance. It is love.

John 13:35: Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.

LM ACTION: There is a place for you in this community. You are needed and appreciated more than you probably know. "Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near." Hebrews 10:24-25 

What has helped you understand your calling? How are you a disciple? 

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  1. All my life I have been in service to others. Even as a child I had been a peace maker whenever I could be. After I gave my heart to Christ, I was always being presented opportunities to help and serve others. The problem was, I didn't realize it was my calling. I was raised to always be kind, considerate and respectful to others, so it came naturally. When I saw and heard others comment on their calling that the Lord gave them, I felt bad because I couldn't see what He had given me to use for Him. One evening we had a speaker in our church service and as I was leaving to go home, she rushed over to me and said she had a word from the Lord for me. I had never met this woman before and she wasn't from our community, so I was a little taken back by her. She said "the Lord's calling for you is to be His servant". I said I didn't understand what she meant and she asked me if I had been wondering what my calling from the Lord was?. I was rather stunned and told her that I had been asking God for years what my calling was, but still didn't know. She explained to me the Servant's call and that it was just as special as someone who had been given the gift of preaching, teaching, singing, etc. She told me of all the many things that serve others and I got excited because she showed me that I had been serving the Lord for years with talents that I wasn't aware of, but that they were especially for me from Him. Because I hadn't done service for others that was of any great notice, I felt that I had let Him down. My heart and spirit were so lifted after that speaker spoke to me and explained what my gift was, that I never had to ask the Lord again what His calling on my life was. I had peace in that area of my life from then on. Whatever kindness, service, love or regard I do for others is from the Lord. I am just the vessel He uses and I feel so privileged that He chose me for His purpose.