1 Peter 4:8

I decided to start this blog after being hurt and confused at the reaction many Christians had after I was divorced. Other people I knew dealt with the same thing...and I realized that someone else might read this thing :)

I felt confused by the church. I remember very boldly saying, "I don't believe in 'church' anymore." At that point I had attended church for 25 years, but I planned to never step foot in one again.

The place I had attended completely turned their back on me when I filed for divorce. There was all the drama that I thought church wasn't: gossip, lies, rumors, rejection. I was even removed from a serving position. Not one person asked me what happened.

After a year, Jesus got a hold of my heart. (He's good like that, isn't He?) He reminded me that those humans were just as human as I was. That it was ridiculous of me to expect perfect responses from them. That perhaps that church just wasn't educated in how to deal with divorced members within the congregation. But, most importantly, He reminded me that if HE could be flawless, the MESSIAH, and rejected by the church...then I could get over rejection from a couple hundred people. That day, I stopped being a victim of my circumstances.

I let go and I let God.

I would be lying if I said it was easy. I would be lying if I told you there were no tears, hard feelings, or regrets. But, the day I chose to walk away from feeling sorry for myself was the day Jesus was able to start His new work in me. 

His redemption began.

I learned how to create boundaries. I learned how to give my life back to God instead of my circumstances. I grew into stronger woman, mother, friend...and a better spouse for the marriage He had waiting for me all along.

I strongly believe the response a member of the body of Christ receives during a marriage and/or divorce can have a lasting (sometimes devastating) impact on their future. Last Marriages wants to have conversations so that we can learn how to provide one another with kindness, respect, and community through these changes.

Marriage is messy.
Divorce is messy.
Second marriages are messy.
Co-parenting is messy.
Single-parenting is messy.

Whether you are fighting to make your current marriage your last, recovering from a previous relationship, or finding a new normal...I am here for you. Over time, I hope that this space can empower singles, couples, friends, and families through it all -- no matter what your relationship status is.

"Above all, love one another deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins." 1 Peter 4:8

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