Who Are You Allowing to Qualify You?

Tongue twister of a title, I know. If you have followed along on Instagram then you may have seen a story I posted one day. I told my readers I have felt two verses on my heart lately. They are so heavy on my heart that I have spent way more time talking to God than writing. 

The first verse is Matthew 18:3 which I talked about here. The second being the idea that we are created in the image of God. I have actively attended church for almost thirty years and I'm not sure I have ever truly dug in to what that meant. 

Recently, I have found myself in conversations that have just broken my heart. People I love that have worked hard to start a dream, invest in their community, and more...only to be told by human judgement that they weren't qualified enough. 

I think in life it is natural to see that as defeat. It's natural to have a physical human right in front of you tell you "no" and to accept it as the end. You feel the sting of rejection and wonder if it was a sign that this avenue wasn't meant for you. There is a real temptation to trust the value or worth a human puts on you regardless of the tiny amount of time they have been present in your life. 

Then it all clicked as to why God was giving me those two verses. 

First and foremost, I encourage you and myself to start being more like a child today. Let go of the noise of this world as it attempts to put you in a box with a bow so it doesn't have to dig in and know who God is calling you to be. 

Remember falling on your bike and scraping your knee when we were kids? You would fall, roll your eyes, and wonder why knee pads weren't stylish. 

What happened next?

You got up. You got back on your bike and you rode home as blood ran down your leg. You ran in and sat on the counter as your mom put on ointment and a band-aid. She may have asked you to put the training wheels back on for a few more weeks or to consider staying home for an hour or two. But, you didn't. You got back out on the road with your colorful character band-aid and you rode all over that concrete

Gravity, a bloody knee, pain...none of it was going to ruin your freedom to be the cyclist you knew you could be. You didn't let your mom's perception of your skills stop the ride. Why? Because you knew that fall was not a defining moment of your day, summer, or life. 

How many times have you allowed others to you who you are? How many times have you allowed their judgement or criticism to hold you back? Do you know that the deeper you are rooted in Jesus the more life long freedom from this world you will find? Do you know He is always ready to encourage you to grow? Do you believe He is the person who will qualify you? Most of all -- do you know that He doesn't just qualify you? He also understands you because He dealt with human judgement as well. 

Think of how many times Jesus was put in a box. Think of the times Jesus was around a man or an organization that judged He wasn't the Messiah. Think of the end of His life and the people who claimed that He wasn't enough to be the Son of God. He experienced the same rejection that you do. 

What happened next? 

He got up. He rose again. He continued to be the image of His Father. He continued to work hard for His Father -- the image of love, redemption, fellowship, honesty, and grace. He had grit without demands. He saw the bigger picture. He saw the end goal and most importantly: He never gave up.

You have passions for a reason. Not everyone wakes up thinking like you. You are handcrafted by the only being we should desire to qualify us -- Abba. You were made in His image. You were made to do great things. When you follow your callings with confidence in HIM you won't have to be consumed with your skill set or human approval. God is in control and He will be the qualifying force all around you. 

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