The Art of Date Night In + GIVEAWAY!

Rummikub, Triominos, and Mastermind...oh my!

Today is the last of LM's dating series. I am so proud of how this community came together to give each other advice, guidance, and some laughs. 

I will be the first to admit that as important as I think dating your spouse can be tough. I remember we went through a stage where it seemed like we just weren't connecting during those nights in. But, with three kids 5 and under we knew we had to find a way to make it work. 

We quickly realized that there was an art to date night in. 

For us, it has to take place once the kids are in bed or distractions from work stop. We found that it was tempting to fall into our usual evening routines. We had to practice being present and intentional.

Light some candles. Put on your nice pair of yoga pants (raise your hand if you own a dozen in black like me). Hold hands. Find what works and what doesn't.

Whatever it takes to shake things up enough that you don't feel like roommates.

The first item on the date night agenda that wasn't working for us was cooking dinner. You guys know from my Pinterest page that I am ALL about cooking. It is my main hobby. However, after working all day, chasing around kids and getting them ready for bed...there was nothing left but yawns over a hot plate of food that might be ready by 9 PM...on a good night. Not exactly date night material. 

I decided to accept that cooking a meal from scratch wasn't the focus: my marriage was. 

So, I begrudgingly put up my apron and we started reserving our favorite pizza brand, Home Run Inn for these nights in. Here in Indiana we have to enjoy it frozen, but it is seriously the best pizza. On their website they include a beer pairing guide and we feel great knowing that they actively participate in giving back to their community throughout the Midwest + the world. As of January 2018, they have served over 600,000 meals! AMAZING! 

The next change? We had to accept that realistically we weren't going to be able to finish any movies on a regular basis. For awhile we thought Netflix was the answer. We figured we could commit to staying awake for an hour.  Unfortunately, these nights in started to feel like any other night of the week. 

You know...nights that start with the best intentions, but before you know it you're both scrolling Instagram and dozing off. 

We decided to try to tap into our competitive side and implement more game nights. We found out the hard way that it is a challenge to find 2 player games that can keep your attention with a good pace. 

Thankfully, we found Rummikub and have been addicts ever since. 

All photography by Lauren, 4 years old...which means lots of laughs.

Rummikub is easy to learn and fast moving. Although there is some strategy to it, it does leave plenty of space for conversation. You can play with 2 - 4 players and it is suitable for ages 8 and up. You can easily have the kids join you, turn it into double-date entertainment, or a fun night with friends.

If you follow my stories on Instagram then you know we consider Rummikub to be THE date night essential! 

I'm thankful for Pressman Toys because they are sponsoring a giveaway for this dating series! 

This giveaway includes a beautiful deluxe solid wood Rummikub set (jealous of whoever wins it!) AND a bonus entry option to win a deluxe set of Tri-ominos. Pressman is spoiling my readers and I'm here for it. 

You all mean more to me than you know. I think I have the best readers on the planet and I am beyond blessed to be able to give back. 

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