Trusting Christ During Tough Times

Let me just start by saying...this is HARD. Like, REALLY hard. Maybe the hardest thing about being a Christ trust Him when everything hits the fan.

Want to hear the good news? The more you do it the more natural it becomes.

I remember during one point of my divorce, I felt so overwhelmed. It was a new overwhelmed I had never felt before. It was physically heavy to just live. For much of this time I was going mostly to people I loved for advice. I was still going to church, reading my Bible, even meeting with a mentor...but in no way was I laying down my burdens to Christ. In fact, I would say there was even a bit of a boundary there.

I couldn't imagine talking to Christ about it because that meant two things: 

1. It was real. No denial...everything that was exploding around me was really happening. 

2.  I would have to let go of control.

Yikes...the C word. My Sunday School teacher didn't tell me about the struggle with that one ;) 

In many ways, control is nothing more than an illusion. Very little times in life will you literally be 100% control. So much of your life is going to be spent attempting to show people who you are while making choices and plans that go towards a variety of hoped for outcomes. While you may not always have do always have the option to hope. 

I wish I could tell you that my divorce was the last time I had to turn to Christ and have hope, but it is not. Each year it seems like there is at least one event that takes place where I look to the sky and ask, "Why?" 

My life is far from flawless and seamless...but, my action steps are in a different order now. I attempt to go to Christ first and say, "I don't understand, but I trust and have hope in you." From there, it is a waiting game...a faith game. Sometimes I feel like I understand right away. Other times, I'm left waiting for months and months. But, He hasn't failed me yet.

Hope with me. Look to Heaven with me! Believe with me!

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1 

LM ACTION: Something I encourage you to try is to make a note in your phone of the date and time that an unfortunate event occurred. It can be as simple as "laid off 11/20/18" or it can be a few sentences. Whatever your style -- write it. Breathe. Let go of some of the control you wish you had and look to Christ.  

There will be a lot of things that take place after you write that note: prayers, phone calls, events, new Netflix shows, weather changes, celebrations, new boundaries being set, holidays, etc. But, at some point in the future you will come back across that note. I have faith that you will feel the warmth of His presence when you read it. I have faith that you will see God's provision in one way or more. 

"Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved." Psalm 55:22

If you ever need a fellow hope warrior, I am here for you. 

-- Cayla

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